eCommerce Websites for Sage 100


Web-StorTM is an end-to-end eCommerce solution
integrated in real-time with Sage 100

Sage 100 Feature Integration

Whether you need the basics or in-depth sophistication, Web-StorTM gets it right.


Driven by your needs ...
Driven by your needs:
You choose which Sage 100 features and processing should power your website’s capabilities and enrich the experience of site visitors.
Flexible and forward thinking ...
Flexible and forward thinking:
We are Sage 100 integration experts, and we built Web-StorTM to give you maximum flexibility and integration opportunities, today and in the future.
Sage business object integration...
Sage business object integration:
Web-StorTM uses Sage business objects to provide integrated functionality today and stands ready to add the integration you need in the future.

Count on Web-StorTM to help you connect with your customers, vendors and other stakeholders and strengthen your competitive position with world-class, integrated website processing.

Connect any Cart

Web-StorTM provides Sage 100 eCommerce integration with virtually any shopping cart or storefront environment. Some eCommerce environments are well suited for customers who want in-depth integration with Sage 100 and a Web-StorTM website solution that goes deeper in terms of integrated processing. Other eCommerce environments offer more streamlined cart options that lend themselves to more basic integrated eCommerce needs.

Your Web-StorTM project leader can help you navigate your cart options so you can identify a cart that will enable the integration capabilities you need. No matter which API-friendly eCommerce platform you choose, Web-StorTM solutions deliver.

Already have an eCommerce website?

If you’re already using an eCommerce website and you’d like to make improvements or add Sage 100 integration without starting from scratch, we can help. Our team can work with your team to define your needs and create Web-StorTM solutions that build on your existing eCommerce investment and bring you the advantages and opportunities you seek.


Takin’ Care of (Your) Business

30 years in ERP integration = uncommonly resourceful

“We’ve been integrating ERP with all kinds of other systems for more than 30 years. As a “Master Developer” for Sage 100 ERP since 1989 (yes, you read that right), we find solutions more quickly and apply them in smart ways. Work with us to put our uncommon set of resources in charge of your website integration solutions.”

~Darryl Kissinger, President


“I’m a big fan! We turned to Web-Stor to take our e-commerce website to a new level, and we’re thrilled with the outcome! The Sage 100 integration is flawless. And because Kissinger provides all the details up front and in writing, you always know exactly what to expect. You won’t be disappointed!”
Amanda Belleville, GSS Gear

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