Integrated Websites
for Sage 100 ERP

Connecting your ERP system to your online opportunities in beautiful ways

Takin' Care of (Your) Business

30 years in ERP integration = uncommonly resourceful

We've been integrating ERP with all kinds of other systems for more than 30 years. As a "Master Developer" for Sage 100 ERP since 1989 (yes, you read that right), we find solutions more quickly and apply them in smart ways. Work with us to put our uncommon set of resources in charge of your website integration solutions.

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Open Source, More Control

Solutions that give you the power to call the shots

We use open source solutions whenever we can to give you more flexibility and control over your future. Other providers may exclusively use proprietary, closed systems and require you to pay monthly hosting fees and engage them for services when changes are needed. Our open source solutions give you options so you have the freedom you deserve.

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Beautiful on Every Device

Ensure a great experience, no matter how they got there

Responsive web design isn't just an emerging trend, it's a prerequisite. Your site visitors expect to see a great-looking site whether they are using their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Web-Stor™ solutions help you showcase your products and services for every display size, so your brands stay relevant and visible.

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Our customers say:

We were seeking a redesigned website, focused on e-commerce, that integrated with our Sage 100 ERP system. It had to display inventory and pricing in real time in an easy-to-navigate and visually appealing interface, and push completed sales orders immediately to Sage for processing. We then added customized controls that mimic the business rules our staff applies to every situation to make certain that our users receive the same level of professional service when placing web orders as with phone orders. These goals became solid achievements with the launch of the finished site, which announced to the world that Seagroatt Riccardi, LTD. has propelled itself again into the forefront of technology with unique style in the Wholesale Floral Industry. We are extremely proud of this achievement and are excitedly looking forward to further technological developments that add value to every customer interaction.
Matthew Perfetti, Seagroatt Riccardi, Ltd.
We knew we needed a better website. But the time, knowledge, and energy weren't there, so our site sat stagnant for years. Kissinger came along with a cost-effective web design solution. Their skills, motivation, and web expertise made them the perfect company to help shape our new online identity. The whole process was simple, organized, and delivered on time. And everyone from our salespeople to the Board of Managers loved the final product. Now we have an effective, engaging, and up-to-date website. Thank you so much Kissinger. You made an overwhelming project seem easy! Kimberly Cherry, CIDEC LLC